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Wellness Counseling/ Coaching

I can help you to work through stress, make meaningful behavior changes and design a life you love.

I am a graduate from Cornell University's Wellness Counseling Certificate Program.  I practice Client Directed Counseling with Motivational Interviewing once it is time to create SMART goals. I integrate sacred traditions such as Guided Meditation and the Law of Attraction as needed.  My studies have included working with consciousness of PTSD, Chronic Pain,  Auto-Immune and Immune-Insufficiencies, and (IDAP) Integrative Diagnostics for Applied Psychosynthesis.  IDAP was my very first professional therapeutic course in 2009… and has become the foundation for my life’s work.  I also hold certificates in life coaching for couples, and happiness.  

Rock in Sand

Sessions are one hour long telehealth video-calls.  Choose a private space that is free of distraction for the duration of your session.  I recommend settling into your space at least 15 minutes prior to your session start time for quiet reflection, and perhaps some journaling.  You may also want to have some drinking water on hand and a blanket incase you should get chilly.  

Logistics: To set up a session either sign up online, or send me an e-mail including your name, phone number, and the days and times that you are available. Please include a brief description of the priorities you want to work on.  Once we set up an appointment time, I will e-mail you the zoom link to log in to the session.  It costs $80 per session.  I will send you an invoice through either Square/Venmo directly following the session per our arrangement.  Payment is due by the end of business day of each session.  I do not accept insurance, but am happy to provide your receipts.  "The Getaway LLC" Square gift certificates are available and accepted as payment for these services.

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