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Katie Moran-Grudzien

Founder, Therapist & General Manager

I began studying consciousness and energy medicine in 2009 at the Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy.  I quickly learned that it was something I was good at and also something I felt humanity desperately needed more of.  Becoming a licensed massage therapist gave me a door to work with people on a larger scale.  I integrated my skillsets together from day one. Over the years… many many certifications, classes, and experiences have grown my practice into what it is today.

I offer integrative holistic care in the form of hands-on bodywork, and through wellness counseling.  A bodywork session with me is like enjoying a sampling of many modalities curated with the intention of best outcome of your current needs.  I find that working in this way provides a sustainable structural alignment, addresses immediate symptoms like pain, and brings awareness to underlying core issues. 


I define wellness as the way you fashion the intimate details of  your life to support feeling and looking your best.  This also includes an individuals attitudes around self-advocacy and working through how they feel about how they feel.  I recognize the multidimensional nature of a persons life, the way our achievements, failures, traumas, and joy has shaped us into the present form. 


A persons wellness is like an intricate tapestry woven over their lifetime. From a distance or an untrained eye it may appear that they are one in the same for everyone, yet no two tapestries are the same.  There may be sections that have gorgeous patterns with tightly bound colorful threads, and sections that are woven with dull, sparse, thin bindings.  There may even become a place where that tapestry develops a hole and must be patched over with allopathic remedies.  No matter the nature of each persons tapestry of wellness… it is always being woven, and as such is soft with the potential to change.  Once we awaken to the interconnectedness of our choices… each moment becomes an opportunity to heal.


My mission is to foster a global sense of unity within diversity through mindfulness, compassion, and dignity.  I want to do so by helping people who are in high stress situations to remember themselves through accessible self-care practices.  If you or somebody that you know needs support, don't hesitate to reach out.  It is never too late to begin making meaningful changes to lead a happier, healthier life.

Licensed Massage Therapist          Certified Wellness Counselor          Life Coach          Reiki Master          Yoga Teacher          Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist           "Yoga Nidra + Sound Immersion" Creative Artist

Mila 'Moo'


Hi! My mama brings me to work sometimes and I really like my job there!  I'm sweet, fuzzy... love (gf) treats and know how to sit, give paw, and do up-turns!  

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