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Welcome to my Private Practice!

Life can be tough... I am here for you.   Bring wellness, balance and stability into your routine with massage , meditation and yoga therapy.  Tap your pause button to reset your body, mind and spirit by booking an appointment today!  Become the best version of yourself , because you never know what adventure awaits!

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is a wonderful way to nourish and unwind pain.  It is even a great gift to show someone else (or yourself) how much you appreciate them!  However, it is really a valuable tool in maintaining a healthy sense of overall balance in your body, mind, and spiritual health.  Improvements in stress management, digestion, and mood stability have been some of many results by receiving regular massages.  If its your first time, have no fear... I will take good care of you.  If you are under a Doctors care for any specific medical condition, please consult with them before hand.

Om shanti



Jnana (knowledge) yoga of the mind is as important as (the physical) asana and other limbs of practice.  I have been fortunate to explore some unique facets of yoga, wellness, and healing.  It is my dharma to share what wisdom I have with all of you.  My workshops begin with lecture on history, philosophy and science behind the topic.  Then, we delve into an introductory experiential practice to try it out!  I will share tools to take home with you and incorporate into your modern lifestyle.  This is a great way to connect with the community and learn something new!  Maybe even something new about yourself!


Lets Go... get out of our normal routine with a getaway retreat! Petite, International or anywhere in between.  We can go for a local hike and mix in a woodland yoga class, or travel to a funky 'hidden gem' spot for a few days of wellness.  Explore serenity, soak in some vitamin N(Nature!) and come back inspired! The irony of a retreat is that it allows us to re-find ourselves without all the extra life static.  So its not really a getaway to 'escape', but rather an opportunity to get-a-way back into your own bliss.  The reward is when you get to bring home what you've learned... to share with family and community!

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