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In-Home Services

I provide in-home services on a case by case basis. Please inquire directly if interested in planning a visit.

***An additional $50 travel & set up fee will be assessed per household***

Medical Intake

Intake forms will be completed prior to the first therapeutic appointment. 

Full disclosure of medical conditions are required to receive therapeutic bodywork.  

Please reschedule your appointment 24 hours in advance if you are currently healing from any communicable conditions including but not limited to COVID-19the common cold and poison ivy.

Written consent from your Doctor is required if you are currently under  a specified treatment plan, ongoing procedure, or wish to receive post operative care.

Prenatal massages are provided to expectant mothers after they are out of the first trimester.  Massage within the first trimester is contra-indicated.

Drugs and Alcohol are strictly prohibited.  Anyone under the influence will be denied services that day, and charged 100% of the booked service cost.


Shhh... Please be respectful of others. 

Children may not tag along to your appointments.  This is your time to let go! 

Cell phones must be silenced during sessions.  If you need to make a call while in treatment, I will step aside to give you  that space.  Additional time can not be added on to make this accommodation.

All services , classes and workshops provided by Katie Moran / The Getaway are professional and therapeutic. ANY sexual gestures, remarks, or un-necessary bodily exposure from any client will result in an early termination of services. Full price of the service will still be charged. Authorities will be notified, and criminal charges will be pressed.


Cancellations are acceptable up to 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

 Cancellations within 24 hours are responsible for 50% of the booked appointment price. 

Appointments that are no-shows (you do not cancel or show up to your scheduled appointment) are responsible for 100% of the appointment price. 

Cancellations due to acute COVID-19/ flu symptoms or exposure will be waived in good faith and with discretion.

**Please reschedule your appointment ASAP if you of someone in your household is currently experiencing COVID-19, flu-like symptoms, poison ivy or other infection.  

All Services , Classes and Workshops are non-refundable.

Privacy Policy

I will not share your information with anyone. All treatments and discussions are  confidential. 

Massage therapy clients will be professionally draped in sessions.  Allow your anxiety to dissolve as I will respect your modesty and dignity.

I honor your trust with integrity.

Certified Organic

The majority of products that I use here are certified organic! 

Simple, clean, pure plant essences blended and brewed to perfection by yours truly!


If you are at high risk for getting very sick, wear a high-quality mask during the entire duration of your appointment. 

"The use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19."-CDC


When you park, please remain in your car and text me so that I may open up the front door for you.

 Otherwise, our door remains locked at all times.


During a declared state of emergency... should the business be operable... a signed waiver is required stating that you are in good health without COVID symptoms, have not tested positive for COVID, have not recently traveled out of the country, and have not been around anyone who has tested positive for COVID. Disinfected pens and clipboards are provided.


The cleaning products I use in the facility are certified to kill Covid-19 as well as many major pathogens. Extensive cleaning takes place between each client in the treatment room, bathroom, and high touch common areas including ventilation, UV disinfectant light use, surface cleaning, fresh linens, fresh blanket.


I encourage you to avoid bringing along anyone or anything besides your essentials. HEPA air filters are installed in the studio, and fans are on to keep the air circulating.

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