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Integrative Reiki Training Program

A practical and intelligent approach to energy work that fuses the elegance of reiki with the wisdom of ancient healing modalities for real & sustainable results.

Fall 2019 Schedule


This curriculum is one of a kind, and sequentially designed. 

Each level is a prerequisite to the next, even if you have prior reiki training.

This program is limited to 6 students in order to maintain a peaceful learning environment.  

Program enrollment is available on a first come first serve basis.

A deposit of 50% is accepted at time of enrollment.  

'Community Energy Shares' are recommended opportunities for hands on practice.


July 20


level 1 *grounding into a new vibration*

Are you ready to be the change that you wish to see in the world?! Are you willing to take responsibility for your wellness?! Reiki level one training and attunement harmonizes you into a self healing vibration which amplifies your potential, and enables you to manifest dynamic synchronicities in your life. Training includes two techniques to help release stored emotions and PTSD energy from your body which promotes ample energy flow.



August 10


level 2 *embody the awakening*

Level two attunements prepare you to heal others and yourself through time and space or provide in-person sessions. Gain deeper clarity on how to release stored energies through accessing specific points on the body… which layers in an ancient medical approach into self and client treatments. We will discuss the elements ,how to recognize patterns of imbalance in people, as well as solutions to achieve healthy balance. Continue developing the ability to manifest dynamic synchronicities in your life and into the lives of others with reiki.



September 7


Advanced Integrative Crystal Reiki

This advanced training and attunement presents the fundamentals of creating your own crystal grids for manifestation, an overview of how to use different crystals and sacred geometry for maximum benefit, as well as the elegant crystal reiki attunements. Additional Training in how to take clients through a release will be provided with time for practical application.



October 19


Reiki Master Teacher Training

Learn to teach Reiki and provide attunements ethically, safely, and legally. Learn the fundamentals of creating sacred ceremony, and hosting group classes. Learn how to incorporate some gentle meditative movement into class structures, and how to teach differently to access the 4 primary types of learners. Develop a high vibrational business plan with guidance and coaching to create your soul brand!


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