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Dream Product!!!

Hand Sanitizer + Aromatherapy


Your favorite 'healing blend' just powered up!

Contact me directly with the quantity of bottles that you would like, and when we can arrange pick up/ shipment.                They are $25 each

Infused with organic essential oils, love, reiki, a rose quartz crystal, and sound healing vibrations, this 70% alcohol and aloe hand sanitizer keeps us clean, calm, and it smells amazing! Can be used in the air or on skin. I believe that this product can help add comfort and beauty into your life.

The Aromatherapy: This proprietary 'healing blend' is dear to my heart... as I lovingly created it for a client who was integratively kicking cancers butt. Its essential oil properties are powerful in many ways, and fast became the most popular oil blend in my massage therapy practice! Lavender, cedar wood, bergamot, and frankincense harmonize supporting a balanced mind, healthy skin cells, and may help to relieve pain symptoms. It smells delicious (but don't eat it!)... not overly floral or feminine, and is safe to use on children. Blended with the hand sanitizer, it leaves a nice scent in the air or skin once the alcohol dries. Each bottle contains 135 hand counted droplets of essential oils for quality control and reiki infusion.

The Process: I take every precaution to ensure a sanitary and high vibrational product. During the blending process, sound healing vibrations of 528 HZ (the miracle tone) are playing in the room as I prepare each bottle. I bless each ingredient along the way with reiki, and intention to heal with the power of unconditional love. When the bottles are complete, I place them inside of a crystal singing bowl to seal in the energetic formula permanently. The rose quartz crystals sterilized in pure 91% alcohol in the sunshine in the center of a (nondenominational) sacred geometry grid as shown in the photo. I added the crystal inside to help shake up the oils that separate to the bottom, to add another layer of beauty and healing properties, and to create a sweet little sound whenever you use it as a reminder to breathe and forgive. We can use this spray as a real-life/real-time moving meditation to breathe into our heart chakra, and allow our exhale to cleanse the lungs and heart of old energetic residue. When you are finished with your spray, the rose quartz crystal is also a bead, so that you may continue to carry it as you may wish. The bottles are also re-usable. 

I am passionate about creating a loving, peaceful conscious community... 

thank you for being the light that you are, the light that I also am. Enjoy! Namaste

Inside the mad scientist aromatherapy laboratory...

Contact me directly with the quantity of bottles that you would like, and when we can arrange pick up/ shipment. 

They are $25 each

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